Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hit snooze for 45 min.
Get ready for work
Search for shorts for son
Realize kids have no clean clothes
Put a load of laundry in
Eat breakfast
Bring kids to sitter's
Drive to work
Eat in car
Go to dry cleaners
Get gas
Stop at Target to buy office supplies and whatever else I can grab for my own household.

Back to work 35 min later
Leave work
Stop at bank
Pick children up from sitter's
Load of laundry
Send the kids to the bathroom
Unpack and repack car
Fast food for dinner
Eat in car
Arrive at T-ball -- EARLY
Realize we removed the tennis shoes from the car while we unpacked

Drive home
Get shoes
Drive to T-ball -- LATE
Son falls asleep as we turn into parking lot
Plead with him to play
Son plays
Mom watches, tries to not think about who is missing

Daughter plays video game
T-ball over
I hand out the snack 
Drive home
Try to avoid the inside of my house
Call neighbors to entertain me so I don't have to go into an empty house.

Now in bed...

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