Monday, August 31, 2009

Where does the time go...

It has been days since I've found the time to write on here. Where does the time go? Luckily I still find time to write in my personal journal. The place where all the "juicy" information gets stored. The dark thoughts, the jealous thoughts, hopelessness, and also the place where I can recognize how far I have come.
When I look back to myself a year ago I now realize how far I have come. I realize how much I have accomplished and dammit I'm proud of myself! In what will be two years since my husband passed away I'm finally having more good days than bad days. I've managed to climb out of hell and I'm still a great mom, caring friend and still trying to move forward in positive ways.
I know my Tom E. would be so proud of me. I've continued to love and nurture our children, I've almost completed our dream home, I've ran a 1/2 marathon, I'm meeting new friends, I'm taking trips... Yes I think I deserve to brag a bit because I know that all the things I've accomplished have not been easy. It has been a determination to live, to find hope, to find dreams again. I hope that others can choose the path that I did.
Tonight I'm at peace knowing I'm okay!

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